About Me.

My name is Martin. I've created this Blog with the sole intention that I share my Family History as I find it during my Research. I'll try to keep it as regularly updated as possible and I'll post about what is available out there to aid in everyones own research, which I hope will be of use to you.

I've been researching my Family History since 2008 and I started because I realised I didn't know much about my Ancestors and I was curious as to who they were. I've been curious  about my Ancestors since I was a Kid but it was more of a passing thought back then but when I seriously started thinking about it, it was quite daunting to start looking into it as I had no idea where to start but I asked around in places like Libraries and shortly after I started to get my bearings and I found my way. All of this inevitably led to a  general interest in History as I wanted to know how they lived as well as who they were, so I could get an idea of what life was like for them.

My Ancestors are from various parts of the World but are so far limited to the UK, Ireland, Malta & Australia but that doesn't mean that I don't have Ancestors or distant relations elsewhere in the World. The specific Countries and Cities that my Ancestors are from, but not limited to (there may be other places that I'll discover & will add when I come across them), are:

England - Leicestershire, London, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Devon & Cambridgeshire
Scotland - Dunfermline
Wales - Radnorshire
Ireland - Co. Offaly & Co. Cork
Malta - Kalkara
Australia - Sydney

If you have any questions or comments on anything I post then please feel  free to  either comment on any of the posts or if you have any Family History/Genealogy related questions then you can  also e-mail me by clicking here

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