Monday, 13 August 2012

Original Newspapers

Recently I’ve received two original Newspapers, one being The Times and the other being the Daily Mail (both in the UK).  Both were kindly sent to me by Thomas Walker of Historic Newspapers (link to the site) and the dates of both Newspaper are for dates of birth for two of my family members, one being my Mum’s and the other being my Granddad’s. The Newspapers are fab and they came in really good condition and in a gift box with a ‘Certificate of Authenticity’ and these will go nicely with my collection of other Newspapers that I’ve bought with my families Date of Birth in mind. I guess I’m a bit of a nerd on that. There is just something about seeing what was happening in the world on the day/s the people in my family were born and I can show these to the younger members of my family as they get older, as long as they’re interested.  

As with most people probably what struck me, out of interest, was the headline on front page of the Daily Mail with a photo of Winston Churchill underneath: 

“I’m not mobile enough to carry on as MP”

These are the type of things I’m curious about seeing when I order/buy Newspapers. It’s finding out the big stories as well as the small stories that surrounded my family members birth. It can help ‘bring them to life’ a bit more with Family that aren’t with us anymore and be fascinating to see for those that are still with us.

Historic Newspapers aim to have the Newspapers given as gifts but there is more to Newspapers than reading the stories featured it can help to see if any Ancestors have been mentioned as well, whether it be in the Announcements section for a birth or if they have been awarded a Medal during WW1 for example. Although, they could also be featured in the Stories as well. You never know.
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