Sunday, 26 February 2012

LRFHS - Surname Interests

Recently, perhaps about 10 days ago, I sent in my Surname Interests to the Leicestershire & Rutland Family History Society (LRFHS) via their website and I've noticed that they've put them all online for people who are researching the same surnames to be able to contact me via the LRFHS. I may have noticed sooner but I've had trouble with my Internet over the last few days or so.

For those interested, these are the surname I've sent in, all of which cover Leicester. I'll put anywhere else next to the surname:

O'Neill - Malta
Nash - Gloucestershire, Wales

Here is a link to the LRFHS Surname Page if anyone wants to take a look at any of the surnames featured. All Surname are organised alphabetically and links are at the bottom the page to each corresponding letter

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Leicestershire & Rutland Family History Society (LRFHS) #Update Two

Well, on Saturday I received all of the details for my membership to the Leicestershire & Rutland Family History Society including membership card, venue details for events, details of their Resource Centre in Leicester City Centre (Pilot House, King Street LE1). It also included a blank family tree that they requested I fill in and send back, which I did and sent back but in all honesty I didn’t feel entirely comfortable filling in all the details of my relatives that are still alive (i.e. Name, Birth & Marriage details) as it felt like I’d be giving their personal details to complete strangers and I wanted to respect their privacy so in the end I only filled in the names of those still alive and nothing else. Doing this may very well sound daft to some but I didn’t feel comfortable handing over their personal details to people whom I’d not even met. If I establish a family link to another member then that might be a different story but I don't want to hand over details that any Tom, Dick or Harry can see if requested.
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