Monday, 11 June 2012

Granddad O'Neill's Book

Well, I am in the process of typing up my Granddad's book. It's called Mervyn Rain. I'm hoping that once I've typed it all up, I'll be able to have it self-published, which I'm quite looking forward to doing. My plan is to publish it as an e-book mainly but have certain amount published in Paperback to give to members of my family.

But I think doing this will take me longer to type up and publish than I originally thought. It turns out there is a second copy of the same book, his first draft, but with about 30-40 extra pages that he took out of his final copy. This isn't a problem in any way really, but I think the parts he took out would do well to be kept in the story. So, it means going through the books making sure it flows well and then editing the book for any spelling mistakes & grammatical errors that I come across.

Effectively I want both copies of the book on my computer in one form or another, whether that be by typing it up or finding a way of scanning it into my computer (the paper doesn't fit in to my Scanner easily) as I want to have digital copies of the books. But with the aim of editing it in a way that I'll be able to publish it.

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