Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Wedding Anniversary

Today marks the 119th Wedding Anniversary of my Great, Great Grandparents, John March & Lydia Parker. They were married on the Tuesday, 27th December 1892 at St Margarets Church, Leicester, which was a Bank Holiday according to this site, just like this year.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Day

This Christmas my Wife & I will be spending it at home together and with the Cat. When ever we spend Christmas at home I always Phone all of my Family and chat with them for a bit. This is year I plan to do something a little different.

A few days ago I came up with the idea of Video Calling them. That way, in my own way, I still get to see my Family on Christmas Day. It kind of merges me seeing them and phoning them. My Family will be going to my Sisters house this Christmas and I've checked to see if my Sister has a Webcam on her Computer and thankfully she does and has basically agreed to do a Video Call. We've decided to do it after we've both had Christmas Dinner. I'm actually quite excited about doing it to be honest. This way I get to speak to and see my Mum, three 3 Sisters, my 2nd youngest brother and both of my Nephews. Maybe even my oldest (but not older) Brother and my Niece depending on if/when they go to my Sisters as my Brother and Niece have not long moved in with my Brothers girlfriend and I think they plan to go to her Mum's on Christmas Day, I'm just not sure of timings.

How will everyone else be spending their Christmas?

Thursday, 22 December 2011

1911 Census - Find My Past

It appears that as of 4th January 2012 the restrictions on the 1911 England & Wales Census will be lifted - i.e. the 'Infirmity' column, and you'll be able to find out what health concerns your ancestors had, if any. It seems that you'll be able to search the complete Census through FindMyPast.co.uk. I'm unsure of anywhere else you might be able to search it in full as yet but given time I'm sure most places will offer the chance of searching and viewing the Census in full. The only reason I mention Find My Past is because it's the first place I've come across that will off the chance to view the Census in full.

If you want to view the Find My Past site to find out more information here is the link:

Find My Past - 1911 Census Information

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Recent Pictures I've been given of my Great Grandma & Granddad Machin. Grandma Machin never went anywhere with her Hat

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Christmas Traditions

After thinking about what my next Blog Post would be about I thought that sometimes when researching our Family Histories we forgot about ourselves, after all we're just as much a part of our Family History as our Parents and Grandparents are and I thought that maybe I could ask people what their Christmas Traditions, if any, were when they were growing up? Or even now? Are there any traditions that you do with your Children or Grandchildren? What are your favourites memories of Christmas growing up?

Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas & New Year.

With Christmas just 6 days away, I'm wondering what everyone might be doing for Christmas and New Year? This year I'm staying at home with my Wife for Christmas and I'll be cooking us a Nut Roast. As for New Year we'll be staying in with Jools Holland.

Sunday, 18 December 2011


Well, I've realised I've come to a point in my Family History Research where I'm not sure what to do next. Not because I have little or nothing to do but because there is so much to do and so many people to cover. I'll be the first to admit that I've been a bit slack of late in my Family History but now, it's just a case of what do I need to do and then get it done as not doing as much of my Family History as I'd like has done my head in.

For starters, like I mentioned in my Family Tree Maker post, I've had to buy a new edition of Family Tree Maker and I've made up a new 'To-Do List' which will really help in getting all of what I need to do sorted. One of the things I've needed to do has been done and that is order the newspaper from when my baby brother was born. Which might sound odd but ever since 1999 when my 12 year old sister was born I've bought the newspaper whenever I've had a new brother or sister and I wasn't able to get a Newspaper from when he was born (long story). So, I ordered one recently from http://www.ocsmedia.net/ now it's just a case or deciding what I have to do next.

Old Photograph

As promised, here is the Photo of my Great Grandma Machin that I mentioned on Friday and wearing the Hat that I also mentioned on Friday. I'll also add this Photo to the Photo Page of my Blog.

Friday, 16 December 2011


Just a quick post. I've been to see my Grandparents with my Wife. It turned out my Grandma had been out and copied another photo of her Mum for me. She gave it to me before I even had a chance to thank her properly for the last photo's she did for me. It's fab. My Grandma told me that my Great Grandma never went anywhere without her hat, even if she only went out to the bins. But I'm unable to post the photo right now but I'll have to post it tomorrow as it's not scanned into my computer yet.

1911 England & Wales Census

It appears that Ancestry.com have added more transcriptions of the 1911 England & Wales Census to their site. They've added 20 more places that are fully searchable. Here is a list of all of the transcription that are now available to search:

Channel Islands
Isle of Man
Royal Navy
Yorkshire – East Riding
Yorkshire – North Riding
Yorkshire – West Riding

Here is link to Ancestry.com's that will give you more detailed information if you'd like it.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Facebook Page

Yesterday, I decided to create a Facebook Page to accompany this Blog. It's still called 'The O'Neill-March Family History'. I thought it would help keep everyone updated on new Posts, News etc and I hope you'll all join me over there as well.

Here is the link: The O'Neill-March Family History Facebook Page

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Family Tree Maker

Recently, I've had to update my Family Tree Maker because it stopped working on my computer as it wasn't compatible with Windows 7. In other words I had to buy a newer copy but not so new it was Family Tree Maker 2012. Instead I have Family Tree Maker 2008. Why 2008? Because as fancy as Family Tree Maker 2012 is, it's expensive, for me at least. Well, they always are when they are first released and I love Family Tree Maker but not enough to spend a fortune on it. So, I buy earlier editions because in the end all I'm after is software that I can use to display my Family History on my computer. There are free ones, such as ones released by FamilySearch & MyHeritage but I don't work well with them (MyHeritage software insists that all couples are married in reports even though I say they've never married, for example) and I get on well with Family Tree Maker.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

This Weekend...

This weekend my Wife and I are going to see my Family to hand over their Christmas Presents. On Friday we'll be seeing my Dad & Grandparents and on Saturday we'll be seeing my Mum and Brother and Sisters.

The last time I saw my Grandparents, my Grandma lent me a copy of a photo of her Mum, my Great Grandma, for me to make my own copy of it and give her back and a short time after that she sent me a copy of a Photo of her Dad, my Great Granddad and I think this might be a good opening to see what other Photo's they might have. At the very least it might open it up for me to tell them what I've found in regards to Family History.

Monday, 5 December 2011

'Edward Joseph Lowe' Blue Plaque

Located at:

East Midlands Universities Air Squadron
72 Broadgate,

Pages Update

My 'Photo's' and 'Blue Plaque' Pages are now appearing on my Blog. It turned I had to change the Blog Template as there were too many Pages for the previous Template. I feel a bit daft but it's sorted now. I can start adding the 'Blue Plaque' posts now.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Blue Plaques Page

Recently, well...the other day, I started a 'Blue Plaques Page'. If you noticed then you'll know that one isn't there yet and that my 'Photo's Page' has gone as well. Well, they are there but for some reason they don't appear on my Blog. I created the 'Blue Plaques Page' immediately after Blogging about it but it won't show up on my Blog despite it being published and in the process of trying to figure out why it wasn't showing up my 'Photo's Page' disappeared with the same result of it being published but not appearing on my Blog. But for those interested in those two pages I'll keep you updated about it and have them working as soon as possible.
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