Saturday, 28 May 2011

Occupations A-Z: Z

Zigarius - Gypsy

Zincographer - One who used zinc plates, known as 'zincos,' for engraving or printing

Zitherist - one who plays a zither, one of a class of simple stringed instruments

Zoographer - one who classifies species of animals

Zythepsarist - brewer

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Friday, 27 May 2011

Occupations A-Z: Y

Yagger - peddler

Yardman - 1) a rail worker; 2) a farmer

Yatman - doorkeeper or gatekeeper

Year man - one who hired himself out for a year's work at a time, usually agricultural

Yeoman - 1) a farmer who owned his own land; 2) a ship's storeman

Yowler - assistant to a thatcher who held the yowles of straw

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Thursday, 26 May 2011

Occupations A-Z: X

Xylographer - a person who made wooden printing blocks

Xylopola - wood merchant

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Trip to the Leicestershire Record Office #Update

I didn't go to the Record Office in Leicester in the end. Through no fault of her own, my Wife wasn't feel very well and it wouldn't have been right for me to go to Leicester whilst she was feeling rubbish. So, I'm thinking of going in a week or two when I'll have the time to go and my Wife is feeling better. I'll still be doing the same things, which were looking into the Newspaper Archives for an Obituary/ies for my Grandfather. If I think of anything else I can research whilst I'm there then great but that is my main reason for going at the minute.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Occupations A-Z: W

Wabster - weaver

Wadding maker - maker of wadding (usually made of old rags or cotton) for stuffing upholstered furniture

Wafer maker - maker of church communion wafers

Wagoner / Waggoner - teamster not for hire

Wailer - Mine worker who removed impure rocks in a coal mine

Wain house proprietor - owner of a building where wagons could be parked for a fee

Wainius - ploughman

Wainwright - wagon maker

Waiter - customs officer or tide waiter; one who waited on the tide to collect duty on goods brought in

Waitman - Night watchman who guarded the gates of a city, usually marking the hours with the ringing of a small bell

Waker - A person whose job was to wake workers in time for early morning work

Walker / Waulker - fuller; cloth trampler or cleaner

Waller - 1) Specialist in building walls; 2) salt maker

Wardcorn - Watchman armed with a horn for sounding the alarm on the event of intruders or trouble. Common during medieval times.

Warker - Specialist at building walls, embattlements, and embankments

Warper / Warp Beamer - a textile worker who arranged the individual yarns which created the "warp" of the fabric upon a large cylinder called a beam.

Water bailiff - 1) A custom's officer who searched ships as they came into port; 2) one employed to protect fisheries from poachers

Water carter / Water carrier - Someone who sold fresh water from a traveling cart

Waterguard - customs officer

Webber / Webster - weaver; operator of looms

Wetnurse - A women who feeds the children of others with her own breast milk (usually for a fee)

Wharfinger - a person who owned or was in charge of a wharf

Wheelwright - builder and repairer of wagon wheels, carriages etc.

Whey cutter - a worker in the cheese industry

Whiffler - an officer who went before an army or procession to clear the way by blowing a horn or trumpet

Whipcorder - a maker of whips

Whisket weaver - basket maker

White cooper - one who makes barrels from tin or other light metals

White limer - one who painted walls and fences with white lime

Whitesmith - tinsmith; worker of tin who finishes or polishes the work

Whitster - bleacher of cloth

Wing coverer - a worker who covered airplane wings with linen fabric

Wonkey scooper - person who operated a scoop-type contraption from a horse

Wright - a skilled worker in various trades

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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Occupations A-Z: V

Vaginarius - maker of sheaths and scabbards

Vassal - a servant of the lowest order

Venator / Venur - huntsman

Victualer - a seller of food and drink; tavern keeper

Vintner - wine merchant

Vulcan - a blacksmith; iron worker

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Monday, 23 May 2011

Occupations A-Z: U

Ulnager - a person appointed to examine woolen goods for quality

Upholder - 1) upholsterer; 2) an auctioneer's assistant

Upright worker - chimney sweep

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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Trip to the Leicestershire Record Office.

On Tuesday, I plan to visit The Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland. I want to look through the Newspaper archives for any obituaries for my Grandfather, Michael John O'Neill. The first I'll be looking through is the Leicester Mercury. If he doesn't appear then there are other Newspapers that they have but the Leicester Mercury is the most likely Paper he'll appear in, if he appears at all. It'll be looking between 8th December 1966 (the day he died) and 31st January 1967. I doubt very much if he'll have an obituary and the 31st January 1967. He may have an 'In Memorium' ad but I could be there for a long time looking as they usually appear around birthdays, anniversaries of a persons death etc, etc and he died almost 46 years ago and I doubt I'll time to go through 46 years of anniversaries and birthdays. But I'll give Obituaries a bash first. Then see about other dates another time. It'll most likely be something that I'll do gradually.

Occupations A-Z: T

Tanner - one who tans (cures) animal hide into leather

Taper - candlewick maker or seller

Tapley - one who puts the tap in an ale cask

Tapster - a barman; a person employed to serve beer

Tasker - reaper

Tawer - one who taws (makes hide into leather without the use of tanning)

Teamster - one who drives a team (horses or oxen) for hauling

Textor - weaver

Thatcher - roofer; specifically thatch roofs

Tide waiter - customs inspector

Tinker - an itinerant mender and seller of kettles, tin pots and pans

Tipstaff - policeman

Travers - toll bridge collector

Tucker - cleaner of cloth goods

Turner - one who turns wood on a lathe into spindles

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My blog is carbon neutral

I don't know why I've not done this sooner as I've known about it for a while. Basically it is run by and they will make a Blog "Carbon Neutral". If you blog about the initiative they plant a tree for you, which as I've been told will neutralise the carbon emmission from my Blog.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Occupations A-Z: S

Saddler - maker and repairer of saddles and bridles

Salter - one who makes or deals in salt

Savant - servant

Sawbones - physician

Sawyer - sawer of wood; carpenter

Scabbler - person who uses a scabbler (pick) to trim the sides of a tunnel

Schumacker - shoemaker or cobbler

Scribler / Scribbler - minor or worthless author

Scrivener - scribe or clerk; professional or public copyist or writer; notary public

Scrutiner - election judge

Seinter - girdle maker

Sewer rat - a bricklayer who specialized in making and repairing sewers and tunnels

Shearman - one who raised the surface of wollen cloth and then sheared it to a smooth
surface; cutter of woolen cloth

Shrieve / Shriever - sheriff

Sickleman - a reaper

Slater / Slatter - roofer; tiler

Slopseller - seller of ready-made clothes in a slop shop

Snobscat / Snob - shoe repairer; cobbler

Soper - soapmaker

Sorter - tailor

Spicer - a grocer or dealer in spices

Spinster - unmarried woman; spinner (female)

Spittleman - hospital attendant

Spurrer / Spurrier - maker of spurs

Squire - country gentleman; farm owner; justice of peace

Stevedore - a dock worker or laborer who loads and unloads ship's cargos.

Stuff Gown / Stuff Gownsman - junior barrister

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Friday, 20 May 2011

J Parker

After looking at Leicester's Boer War Memorial and finding a 'J Parker' (here is my original post on that) that could possibly be my Great, Great, Great Uncle I looked around and I found these details:

Parker, J
QSA (2)
(Queen's South Africa award)
Source: Provisional list of QSAs with the clasp Talana
Leicestershire Regiment

To be honest with you, it still might not be the right person as these are the only details I've found and it didn't include a first name BUT it does include Army Number, Rank, Regiment and Awards received. It also states it's source. So, I think another trip to the Library is in order. I'll have to do it on Monday as there isn't enough time for me to do it in the meantime, but I can wait. I can still research on him in the meantime on other sites (Roll Of Honour & Anglo-Boer War for example)

Occupations A-Z: R

Raffia man - maker of straw or grass goods

Rag cutter - worker in a textile (cloth) or paper factory

Raker - street cleaner; one employed to rake street rubbish into piles

Revenuer - an official who enforced tax laws on liquor, working against illegal manufacturing of whisky

Rigger - hoist tackler worker, working on a ship's rigging

Ripper - fish monger; seller of fish

Rodman - a surveyor's assistant

Roper - a maker of rope or nets

Rotarius - wheelwright

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Thursday, 19 May 2011

Occupations A-Z: Q

Quarrier - quarry worker

Quarryman - stonecutter

Quiller - one who used a machine to wind yarn onto spools

Quister - a person who bleached things

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Library #update.

This evening I finally managed to be able to get to the Library to look through I found Service Records for what could be my Great, Great, Great Uncle Joseph Parker. I'm not 100% sure as by the time I found them I only had about 10 minutes left to search through the dozen or so pages they had so I saved them all as quickly as I could and I plan to go through them to see if there is anything that matches what I alread know. Hopefully it will be the right person but if it's not, at least I will have ruled it out and no not to look at that one if it comes up again.

The funny thing about the Library was that it turns out they were holding a Family History Event. It looked like a Beginners Guide to Family History on the Internet. I don't feel I need a beginners course but I still find them handy as they may point out things that I might not have known before. It just a shame I wasn't aware of it before hand. They didn't seem to advertise it that well as I've not seen any posters etc about it and I always try to keep my eye open for community events. But it's not the end of the world. Technically I was a part of it anyway as they used the Libraries Public Computers and I used one of the drop-in computers to use so I could hear exactly what was being said anyway. I just wasn't 'involved' as such. But it turns out I knew all of what the group leader said anyway.

If I'm honest, I don't think you necessarily need to go to courses on Family History as you can learn exactly what you need to know from Books, the Internet, experience and asking around but I do see the why it's useful as some people might need a helping hand, especially for those that aren't very confident with computers.

Occupations A-Z: P

Packman - a peddler; a person who traveled around carrying goods for sale in his pack

Palmer - a pilgrim; one who had been, or pretended to have been, to the Holy Land

Paneler - saddler

Pannarius - clothier and draper

Pardoner - a seller of indulgences

Parochus - rector, pastor

Peever - a pepper seller

Pelterer - skinner; one who worked with animal skins

Peregrinator - itinerant wanderer

Peruker - wig maker

Pettifogger - a shyster lawyer

Pictor - painter

Pigman - crockery dealer

Pilcher - maker of pilches

Pinder - keeper of the pound or pinfold

Piscarius - fishmonger

Pistor - miller or baker

Pitman - a coal miner

Plowman - a farmer

Ploughwright - one who makes or repairs plows

Plumber - one who worked with lead; eventually came to apply to a tradesman who installed or repaired (lead) pipes and drains

Porcher - pig-keeper

Porter - gate-keeper or door-keeper

Poulterer - dealer in poultry

Puddler - wrought iron worker

Pynner - pin-maker

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Monday, 16 May 2011

Occupation A-Z: O

Ordinary - an innkeeper; keeper of a fixed price inn

Osler - bird-catcher

Osnard - herder of oxen

Outrider - mounted attendant riding before or behind a carriage

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Occupation A-Z: N

Neatherder - cow herd

Nedder - needle-maker

Nettir - knitter

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Monday, 9 May 2011


I've been wanting to visit my local library for ages now to use their subscription to but I've not been able to as I'm busy during the day and they've reduced their opening hours. I used to visit in the evenings when I had a bit more time but that's been ruled out now because they're closed when I'm free. I'm starting to wonder how long it'll be before it's closed down completely as they've had about 3 separate bouts of redundancies in the last year or so and now they've slashed their hours by about a quarter. It's annoying because I love the library and I was in their most days. If it does close I'll have to venture in to Town to use the Computers. But it closing is only my opinion. It might not as the Council haven't said anything about it doing so it just looks like it's going that way.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Occupation A-Z: M

Malender - farmer

Malster - brewer of malted beverages (beer)

Manciple - steward

Marescallus - marshall

Marshall - horse servant, or groom

Mason - stone carver

Mayer - physician

Medicus - doctor, physician

Mercator - merchant

Millow - miller

Millwright - one who designs or builds mills

Mintmaster - an issuer of local currency

Monger - seller of goods

Muleskinner - teamster

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Occupation A-Z: L

Lagger - a sailor

Lapidary - one who cuts, polishes, or engraves precious stones; a jeweler

Lattener - one skilled in working with latten, a mixed metal resembling brass

Lavender - washer woman; from French laver, meaning "to wash."

Lederer - leather maker

Leech / Leach - doctor, physician

Limeburner - maker of lime

Limner - draughtsman or artist

Loblolly boy - 1) an errand boy; 2) surgeon's assistant on board ship

Lokeer - locksmith

Longshoreman - stevedor

Lorimer - bridlemaker

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Occupation A-Z: K

Kedger - a fisherman

Keeler - bargeman

Keller - salt keeper

Kellogg - slaughter man

Kempster - wool comber

Kepegest - innkeeper

Kneller / Knuller - a chimney sweep who solicited jobs door-to-door

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Occupation A-Z: J

Jagger - A peddler or hawker of fish

Journeyman - craftsman who had served his apprentice, a master craftsman

Joyner / Joiner - joiner; skilled carpenter

Jouster - A female hawker of fish; a fish monger

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