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Occupations A - Z: I

Indentured servant - one who was committed to working for someone for a fixed number of years (usually 4 to 7), in exchange for passage to a new country or some other financial consideration.

Ironmonger - a dealer in hardware made of iron. Also known as a Feroner.

Intelligencer - a spy

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Occupations A - Z: H

Hacker - hoe maker

Hansard - weapon maker or seller

Harper - musician

Hatcheler - one who combed out flax

Hawker - peddler

Haymonger - dealer in hay

Hayward - keeper of fences

Headborough - constable

Hedger - one who trims and tends hedgerows

Hetheleder - provider of heather for fuel

Higgler - itinerant peddler

Hillard / Hillier - tiler one who covers houses with slate

Hind - farm laborer

Hooker - reaper

Hooper - maker of hoops for casks, barrels, tubs etc.

Horsler - stableman or groom; horse servant at an inn

Hosteler - innkeeper

Huckster - seller of small articles/wares

Husbandman - a farmer; animal husbandry; tenant farmer

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Occupations A - Z: G

Gaoler - jailer

Garlekmonger - garlicmonger; dealer in garlic

Gatward - goatkeeper

Gelder - a castrator of animals, especially horses

Ginerr - joiner

Glassewryght - glasswright; maker and mender of glassware

Glazier - glazier; repairer of windows

Glover - dealer or maker of gloves

Gobar - jobber

Grecher - grocer

Guilderer - maker of gold or silver coins

Gynour - engineer

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Occupations A - Z: F

Faber - smith

Falkner - keeper/trainer of falcons

Farmer - tax-collector or bailiff

Farrier - horse doctor, one in charge of horses

Fell Monger - one who removes hair or wool from hides in preparation for leather making

Felter - cleaner and thickener of cloth

Fence Viewer - one who inspects farmer's fences

Feroner - a dealer in hardware made of iron. Also known as an Ironmonger.

Flauner - confectioner

Flax Dresser - one who works with flax fibers

Fleshewer - butcher

Fletcher - maker of bows and arrows; arrowmaker

Forestarius - forester

Framar - farmer

Frereman - servant of the Friars

Fuller - fuller of cloth, one who shrunk and thickened woolen cloth by washing, heating and pressing

Furber / Furbour - furbisher of armour

Furner - baker

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Occupations A - Z: E

Elymaker - Oilmaker

Endholdernn - Inn Keeper

Enumerator - Census Taker

Executrix - Female Executor

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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Occupations A - Z: D

Dareman - dairyman

Daunsel - gentleman in waiting; groom; squire

Dexter - dyer

Diviner - one who finds water under the ground using dowsing rods or witching stick

Docker - stevedor; dock worker who loads and unloads cargo

Dowser - one who finds water under the ground using dowsing rods or witching stick

Draper - dealer in cloth and dry goods

Drayman - driver of a dray, a long strong cart without fixed sides for carrying heavy loads

Dresser - surgeon's assistant in a hospital

Drover - driver of animals to market; dealer in cattle

Drummer - traveling salesman

Dubbere - cloth dubber, one who raises the nap of cloth

Duffer - peddler

Dyer - one who dyes cloth

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Occupations A - Z: C

Carnifex - butcher

Caulker - one who makes things watertight by packing seams in windows, ships, etc., with a waterproof material, such as oakum or pitch

Chaisemaker - carriage maker

Chandler - dealer or trader; one who makes or sells candles; grocer

Chiffonnier - wig maker

Clark - clerk

Clerk - clergyman; cleric

Cohen - priest

Collier - coal miner

Colporteur - book peddler

Cooper - maker or repairer of wooden barrels, casks, and tubs

Cordwainer - shoemaker (originally any leather worker using Cordovan leather, from Cordova, Spain)

Costermonger - peddler of fruits and vegetables

Crocker - potter

Crowner - coroner

Currier - tanner of leather; one who curries horses

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Occupations A - Z: B

Bailie - bailiff

Barker - tanner

Baxter - baker

Blacksmith - one who shoes horses

Bluestocking - female writer

Boniface - inn keeper

Brasiler - dyer

Brazier - one who works with brass

Brewster - beer or ale manufacturer

Brightsmith - metal worker

Brownsmith - copper or brass smith

Burgonmaster - mayor

Burnisher - metal polisher

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Occupations A - Z: A

Acater – A Ship's Chandler, this is someone who supplies food provisions to a ship

Accipitrary – A Falconer

Accomptant - Accountant

Accoucheur - one who assists women in childbirth, midwife

Ackerman, Acreman - ploughman, ox herder

Actuary - accountant

Affeeror - official in the manorial courts responsible for assessing the monetary penalty and collecting taxes and dues, assessor

Alchemist - medieval chemist who claimed to be able to turn metal into gold

Ale Conner - official who tested the quality and measure of ale served in public houses

Ale-draper, Ale Draper - a tapster, seller of ale

Ale-tunner, Ale Tunner - one who worked among and on "tuns," great hogshead barrels used to store ale in medieval times

Ale-wife, Alewife - landlady of an ale house, or ale stand

All Spice - grocer

Almoner - one who distributes alms, provides for the needy; in Britain may also refer to a hospital social worker

Amanuensis - stenographer, one who takes dictation

Amen Man - parish clerk

Ankle Beater - young person who helped drive cattle to market

Apiarian - beekeeper

Apiculteur - beekeeper (French)

Apparitor - official who summoned witnesses for the ecclesiastical courts

Apothecary - One that prepares and sells drugs and medicines, a pharmacist

Archiator - doctor, physician

Armiger - squire who carried the armor of a knight

Arpenteur - land surveyor (French)

Arrimeur - stevedore, one who is employed in the loading and unloading of ships (French)

Artificer - a skilled craftsman or artisan; an enlisted military man responsible for upkeep of weapons and small arms; or an inventor

Aubergiste - inn keeper (French)

Aurifaber - a goldsmith, or one who works with gold

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Friday, 15 April 2011

Extract of my Grandfathers Book

I thought it would nice to include an extract of my Maternal Grandfathers Book. As daft as it sounds I am unable to tell you which of his Books this is part of as the Pages are still a little mixed up and he didn't put the title of any of the Pages over than the cover. But I can tell you this is page 1 of one them. Here is a link to my original post about my Grandfathers Books.

Michael John O’Neill Update #2

Following on from my last update on my Grandfather (which can be found here), on the 31st March 2011 I received an E-Mail from the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory regarding my Grandfather, Michael John O'Neill, it was the final response to my request of quering whether he worked for them and if I am allowed access to his Employment records if he did work there.

Well, they informed me that he wasn't employed by the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, if he did then he may have been a Contractor, meaning they would wouldn't have a individual details for my Grandfather, just the organisation they were contracted with. Plus if he did work for the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, then is records would have been destroyed in 2003 due to files being kept for a period of 72 years (Sod's Law has changed it to 100 years since then) but they have informed me of Contractors they used and other places that had connections to the Laborator. So, I might try them and see how far Iget.

Wollaton Hall & Deer Park D-Day Memorial

Double click on the Pictures to view names featured.

Nottingham Train Station WW1 Memorial

Nottingham Railway Station, Carrington Street, Nottingham


Bains, W.E.
Bates, W.H.
Bayfield, H.
Branson, W.H.
Brockwell, J.H.
Cosgrove, T.
Dale, W.T.
Daniel, A.W.
Dean, W.H.
Dignen, G.W.
Duke, A.
Flint, R.
Fowler, J.
Hardwidge, A.
Henshaw, T.
Hooton, A
Hubbard, H
Hudson, H.
Jack, W.E.
Kendall, W.B
Kiddier, W
Maskrey, A


Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Victoria Cross Memorial

Double click on the picture/s to view the names featured.

Captain Albert Ball VC, Robin Hood Bn Sherwood Forestors

Captain Albert Ball VC, Robin Hood Bn Sherwood Forestors

Side A:
Captain Albert Ball VC

7th Robin Hood Battalion Sherwood Forestors attached Royal Flying Corps D.S.O Two Bars M.C. Croix De Chevalier Legion D’Honneur Order of St. George Russia

Hon. Freeman of the City of Nottingham

Side B:
In the Air he gave most conspicuous and gallant Service to his country and was killed in action fighting gloriously
May 17th 1917
Aged 20 years

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