Wednesday, 30 March 2011

2011 Census - England & Wales.

How did everyone find the 2011 Census? Did it annoy you or disappoint you in anyway? Or were you looking forward to filling it in?

If I'm honest, this was the first Census I'd ever filled in myself and I was looking forward to filling it in. I made sure I filled the Paper form in and not do it online but in the end I was quite disappointed with it as I wanted to handwrite at least most of my answers so that future generations of my Family would be able to see my handwriting but most of it were tick boxes. Besides filling in my Wife and I's names and signing it, it was all tick boxes. Even my address was pre-printed, which, like I said, made me feeling a little disappointed but I keep telling myself that at least my Great, Great Grandchildren should still be able to see the information even if not my handwriting.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Blank Family Tree Templates/Forms

I've noticed that there has been a fair few people coming across my Blog whilst looking for Family Tree Templates. Now, I'm not able to supply downloadable templates through my Blog but I can suggest places in which to find them.

Family Tree Templates provides various templates, including those for Non-traditional families i.e. Adoptive Family Tree's, Step-families etc. has a range of different Record Sheets, including Family Tree Templates, Research Calenders, Blank UK & Blank Canadian Census forms to fill in plus other kinds of forms. I would assume that would have the same or similar forms although I can't guarantee that they do as I, personally, have only used forms from and Family Tree Templates

Wordless Wednesday - March Family Photo's

My Great, Great, Grandather, John March (left) and my Great Grandfather, John Arthur March (right) c1916 just before they went to War.

My Great, Great Grandfather, John March c1916 just before he went to War.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

I've contacted the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory about my Grandfather, Michael John O'Neill, and they've have told me that they can confirm that they used to have an Employee with my Grandfathers name. This is quite promising but this person might not necessarily be him, just some one who shares his name. To comfirm whether or not is the right Person the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory asked for a copy of his Death Certificate and once recieved it will take up to 20 days for my request to be processed under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (UK). The sooner the better, I think. There may be fees for his Employee Records but that might depend of the information they have. I'm hopeful that it will be him. It seems to make sense that it would be. After all my Grandfather was an Electric Welder which is an Occupation that they required, at least at the time, plus the Vacancy list he had and that they have an ex-employee with his name. But like I said, this could just be someone that shares his name.

If, by any chance, you are wondering about the Freedom of Information Act, here is a link to find out more:

Friday, 4 March 2011

My Grandfathers Book/Manuscript

Well, here I am, with a bit of a development on my Grandfather, Michael John O'Neill. This time I am organising his Book/s, well, Manuscript. It seems he wrote about 3 Books but never had them published, as far as I'm aware. They're about 45 - 50 years old. They were given to my Mum by my Grandfathers Brother (my Great Uncle) in an old Suitcase and my Mum ended up putting them in a Supermarket's 'Bag For Life' as she wasn't able to use the Suitcase due to it's age (don't get me started on the Bag for Life, I'm Neurotic on this kind of thing with my Family/Family History). I asked my Mum if I could borrow the Books as I'd like to scan them into my Computer, not realising how many pages there are with each page double sided. There is roughly about 500 individual sheets of Paper. So, I'd have to scan them twice each. To make the job just "a little harder" all the Pages have been mixed up and, through no fault of his own, my Grandfather crossed out entire pages and re-wrote the page by hand in rushed handwriting, making it difficult to read (It's not like he would expect the Pages to be mixed up and his Neurotic Grandson to want to preserve/Archive it). Plus the Pages aren't a standard A4 sized sheet (8.27 x 11.69 inches or 210 x 297 millimetres). They're are like A4 but slightly thinner (by roughly half an Inch) and roughly 1 - 1.5 inches taller, making it difficult to Scan them from Home as my Scanner only accept sheets as big as A4. But I'm working on that. After all, I personally, will need digital copies if I intend to preserve them. I know it will take a long time but I'm sure it will be worth it.

I've started the process of organising them by buying Punched Pockets for Folders to keep them clean (they're too tall but they are the only thing available to me immediately) and I've bought 3 Document Storage Boxes, which seems to hold them all nicely.

This is all going to be a very long process but in the end, like I've said, it'll be worth it.

On another note involving my Grandfather that is loosely connected to his Books. In amongst the pages of my Grandfathers Books was a Job Vacancy list for the National Institute for Research in Nuclear Science (now the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL)). It seems like they had the right type vacancies for his profession as he was an Electric Welder. The question was 'Did he only apply for a Job there?' or 'Did he apply there and get the Job?'. I've e-mailed Rutherford Appleton Laboratory two days ago to ask if they have any records of my Grandfather and I've received two replies, one to ask what information I'm looking for and why I'm looking for that information and the other e-mail to inform me that my request for information has been forwarded to the 'Freedom of Information Officer' and they'll contact me shortly, which I'm hoping will bring good results. Fingers crossed. This is the first time I've had any good leads on any potential Employers for my Grandfather.
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