Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Irish Genealogy

This site has Pre-1900 Church Records from Ireland. There are over 1.3 billion records available to search for free. It also gives a free Basic Step-by-Step Guide to starting out with your Irish Family History

Free Databases for Family History Research

There are 100's of databases available on this Site with a mixture of Countries. Whilst some may charge a fee, it will be mostly free.

WW1 Lost Photo's

This is a link to a Blog on LiveJournal which provides Photo's of Unknown Soldiers from World War One that have been untouched for 90 years. I'm sure that the owner of the Blog would welcome and appreciate anyone who can identify the Soldiers featured in the Photo's

Using Google To Help With Brickwalls

I believe that we all, without exception, use Google during our research of the Internet for clues and information relevant to our family trees. But, how we carry out those searches can have a profound effect on the results achieved.
Here are some articles that suggest some positive approaches to using Google Advanced Search that may help you to obtain the best chance of relevant search results:
(this site has multiple pages)
(this site has multiple pages)

Google Search Engines worldwide are listed here:

You could say that 'Brickwalls' are the dreaded lurgy of genealogical research, but the cure can only be from using more intensive research efforts. Here are some tips to help resolve those brickwall problems:
(The above 2 sites have multiple pages).

And here is a list (and explanation) of FREE People Search Engines, that you can use, to find people all over the World:
(This site has multiple pages).

You will note that all of the above links refer to the site of GenealogyInTime, which is a USA based website specialising in genealogy help matters. I have selected the above links that may perhaps be of the most interest, but you can browse the site yourself here:
You can also subscribe to their emailing list should you wish.

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