Saturday, 28 August 2010

Malta Birth Certificate


A couple of days ago I received my Grandfather, Michael John O’Neill’s birth certificate after about a year searching for it. It turns out he was born in Kalkara, Malta on the 1st December 1931 at 18:00it say’s also that his Parents (my Great Grandparents) were living in Kalkara at the time and his Father was a Sick Berth Attendant in the Royal Navy (which I believe is what brought him and my Great Grandmother to Kalkara). His Mother is recorded as being a Housewife. It also say’s where they were born. His Father was born in Shannon’s Harbour, Kings County, Ireland and his Mother was born in Plymouth, Devon, England. Also it mentions 2 of my Great Great Grandfathers, Edward O’Neill Senior and John Gibson.

The Maltese Birth Certificate has the most information that I’ve seen in a Birth Certificate before. It’s just a shame that there isn’t an Online Index for Maltese Birth, Marriage and Death’s (BMD’s).

I ordered the Birth Certificate online from the Malta Public Registry at

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