Friday, 5 February 2010

John Arthur March

John Arthur March was my Great Grandfather on my Fathers side. He was born on 25th May 1895 in Leicester. His first address was at Cardinal Street, Leicester, which doesn't appear to exist anymore. In 1901 he had started School but which one I'm not sure of and he lived at 11 Junior Street, Leicester with Mum and brothers & sisters. His father, John March was in the Army fighting in the 2nd Boer War with the Leicestershire Regiment.

By 1915 John had left School and was working as a Shoe Clicker in Leicester and had moved to 15 Rowan Street, Newfoundpool, Leicester. At this time he enlisted in the Army at Glen Parva Army Depot and was enlisted with the Durham Light Infantry and was sent to France to fight in the trenches. After a while John was transferred to the Northumberland Fusiliers and was still fighting in the Trenches. After a period of fighting of in the Trenches, John developed Trench foot because of the conditions of the Trenches and was sent back to England to stay in Hospital and generally recovered but he was required to take a Medical Assessment by the Army and even though he had recovered in general he was declared to unfit for regular service but he was still required to stay in the Army, so, he was transferred to the Royal Defence Corps and stayed in England. After this, he had recovered but struggled to walk but could manage to do so. In 1919, when WW1 was officially over, he was discharged from Army Service and received the British War Medal & the Victory Medal. He then return back to his usual address in Leicester, England and resumed his job as a Shoe Clicker.
In 1922 he married Ada White (my Great Grandmother) in Leicester and in 1929 they had my Grandfather. But Ada was to become very ill and she died young. Some time after this John met and married Clara Simmonds, my Grandfathers new Step-Mother. But this marriage was to go the same way his first Marriage did. Clara became ill and she died.
In the 1970's John was involved in a Car Accident that required him to move in with his Blanche (my Great, Great Aunt) to help look after him. Which she did until she became to old to look after him. At this point it was agreed that he shall move into a Nursing Home and he moved into one at Aylestone and stayed there until he died.
In 1983 John got to meet his first Great, at the Nursing Home that he was living at.
After developing Pneumonia John died on the 21st December 1987 in Leicester. Coincidently, his Brother, Lawrence March also died on 21st December 1987. Both Men leaving missed greatly.
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