Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Well, I've had fun doing my Family History lately. AND it's been made even easier for me (with the Internet making it easy for me already). I decided to try a Google search on one of my Ancestors, namely my 4x Great Grandmother, Fanny Wakelin, so I typed her name into Google with speech marks so it brings up Webpages with her name in exactly and added Leicester in on the Google search and it brought up a Webpage which featured my 4x Great Grandmother and her husband, William Wells, my 4x Great Grandfather, and it turns out that this Webpage is an absolute Goldmine as it features Ancestors going back to the mid-1600's. I was beyond pleased when I discovered this. I have e-mailed the Person that runs the site as there is every chance that he is a distant relation but I've not had a reply yet. I don't think he updates the site very often as the last update was in 2007. Here is a link to who I believe to be my 4x Great Grandparents and you can trace back through my Ancestors from this page:


The thing that I have to be aware of though is that this could very well just be extremely similar in regards to my 4x Great Grandparents and not necessarily the same People or, without trying to doubt the site or Admin as such, some of it could be inaccurate. So, really before I settle on these Ancestors of his also being my Ancestors, I have to cross-check it to make sure I have the right People.
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