Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Wigston Record Office, Leicester.

Yesterday I took a trip to Leicester to visit the Wigston Record Office. Which is Leicestershires County Archives. I was there for about an hour. In which time I found the Death Records of my Great Great Grandparents John & Lydia March (Nee Parker) . John, I found, had died in 1943. Until yesterday I thought he had died in 1942 but when I couldn't find him in that year I searched other years. My Great Great Grandmother on the other hand was easier. She had died in 1929 and I found her straight away.

I also found 2 Obituaries whilst I was searching. I walked past the Cabinet for Leicestershire Newspapers that had been copied to Microfilm. When I saw it I thought that it would be an idea to check to see if my Great Grandad, John, had been mentioned in the Obituaries. I knew when he died but didn't know if or when he had is Obituary put in the Paper. So, I decided to look at the obvious, I took out the Leicester Mercury Microfilm for December 1987 and I was in luck as I found him in the Family Announcements sections on the 23rd December 1987. 2 days after he died. But as well I remembered that his brother Laurence March had died on the same day as my Great Grandad and would you believe his Obituary was right next my Great Grandad. Which mention his Children and Grandchildren. So, I found out new family member that could be still around. It's just finding them.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


My Great Grandfather, John Arthur March, my Great, Great, Grandfather, John March and my Great Great Uncle Walter Joseph March all served in the Military during World War One. They all survived the War but I am still grateful for doing their bit for their Country. Here are some Pictures of them just before they left for War.

This is my Great Grandfather, John Arthur March. This was taken in about 1915.

On the left is my Great Great Grandfather, John March, by himself and the right is my Great Great Grandfather and my Great Grandfather, John Arthur March. This was also taken in about 1915. All 3 pictures were taken on the same day.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Family History Blog

If you've read the title to this Blog then you'll know that this Blog is about my Family History. I'm hoping to share what I've found out so far, what I'm doing to continue my research and what I will be doing. This will be an ongoing Blog as I have a lot of People to cover and there are plenty more People that I haven't discovered yet. If I'm EXTREMELY lucky (lack of a better word) I will be able to trace my family back to the mid 16th Century. But there aren't that many People that are able to do that as a lot of these records that go back that far don't exist anymore. I've found that going back to 1837 (when Civil Registration began) is the easy part. It's going back further than that and finding out the specifics about each individual's lives that is the hard part. I can look into what life was like generally for my Ancestors but it will be hard to find out specfics, like, who their friends were, what were their hopes & Dreams, what were their hobbies/interests and what they did in their day to day lives.

Here is a list of a few websites that have really helped me in my research:

I don't live in the County where any of my Ancestors were born, lived, married or died. So these Webpages have helped enormously. I have relatives that were from Leicester, London & Durham in England. Others were from Scotland. Dublin, Ireland. Radnorshire, Wales and Australia. So, to get to any of these places can be difficult, especially Australia as that is on the other side of the Planet. Where as if I wanted to go to Leicester or Wales it is literally one train ride away. But it's also finding the time to go to these places.
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